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Protect Your Building From Water Damage

Posted on: March 11, 2015 7:00 am
Tags: Tips, Maintenance, Gutters, Downspouts, Water, Prevention, Sewer line, Sump pump
Protect Your Building from Water Damage

Protecting your building from water damage is a sound loss control principle to help you mitigate untimely loss and damage. Bush-Re-Shea Insurance has developed a checklist to help you protect your building and equipment.

Inside Your Building

1. Inspect all hoses, faucets and other water connections inside the building

2. Know the location of the main water shut off valve and how to use it

3. Train necessary personnel on how to shut off the main water valve if needed

4. Do you have an emergency pressure release valve on your plumbing system?

5. Inspect pipes for cracks and leaks

6. Develop a flood plan on how to protect property and equipment

7. Test any sump pumps every few months and keep them clean

8. Understand and maintain your fire suppression systems

9. Inspect all critical water supply areas to make sure they are adequately heated/insulated from the cold

Outside Your Building

1. Inspect gutters and downspouts annually making sure they are free of debris

2. Inspect your gutters capacity during heavy rains and install additional downspouts if needed

3. Extend downspouts at least 10 feet away from the building

4. Test any sump pumps every few months and keep them clean

5. Install backflow valves on sanitary sewer line

6. Inspect floor drains and install standpipes if needed

7. Inspect your roof for leaks or missing/damaged shingles

8. Evaluate the grounds to confirm unimpeded and adequate drainage from the building